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Waconia Chamber of Commerce

The Waconia Chamber of Commerce

is a volunteer organization driven by its members to support and encourage a vital and prosperous business community. We are a business advocate and resource as well as a community partner. The work of the Waconia Chamber of Commerce is focused in four areas:

Economic Development

With the support of the 'Grow Minnesota!' program and local transportation initiatives, we hope to encourage continued economic development in the Waconia area.

Member Services/Programs

Networking, marketing, educational programs, business referrals, relationship building and mentoring are just the beginning of many services and programs we offer.

Public Policy

Staying active in local, regional, state, and national policy helps keep the issues important to Waconia businesses in front of local representatives.

Tourism/Destination Identity

Working to establish Waconia as a visitor destination with a unified identity and quality tourism promotion.

The Chamber provides a myriad of resources to businesses and communities. We work to be a catalyst, creating a vehicle through which professional people and businesses can work for the common good of their communities. Our members enjoy a multitude of benefits including personal business development opportunities, a chance to be active through committee involvement and access to local, state and federal decision makers.

We are a member of the Minnesota and U.S. chambers. When you become a member, your voice gets heard at the state and national level.

A decision to join the Waconia Chamber of Commerce is a sound business decision. We look forward to serving you!

Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
US Chamber of Commerce

The Waconia Chamber is a proud member of both the Minnesota and U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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Becoming a member of the Waconia Chamber of Commerce is simple!

Join the nearly 300 business members who have made the decision to be part of the Waconia Chamber of Commerce.

Begin your partnership with us today! Call 952-442-5812, email us or download a pdf of our Membership Brochure and Application.

Chamber Staff

Christine Fenner

Christine Fenner


As a resident of the Waconia area for the past 15 years, I’m honored and thrilled to be serving the Waconia Chamber of Commerce. I am optimistic about our future and look forward to the opportunities ahead. Now is the time to keep strong connections and unite with one another to bring new perspectives, promote growth, and support economic development for our local business community. I’m eager to learn more about your ideas to progress and achieve; and the Chamber is here to support and promote you along the way. I invite you to reach out for a conversation or simply stop by to say ‘hello’ any time!

Carmen Gesinger

Carmen Gesinger

Marketing & Communication Specialist

My family moved to Waconia when I was in the fourth grade. I went to school here, my first job was here in one of our local independent shops and I can remember when we had only one stoplight. My husband and I moved our family back to Waconia fourteen years ago, so now we’re raising our kids here and because I work at the Chamber of Commerce, I get to work with many of our local businesses.

Over time I have seen a lot of changes in our community! One thing that hasn’t changed is how our businesses work together. Waconia has a great network of resources and I’m proud to work at the Chamber as one of those links. I love when people call or stop by the Chamber office because they are in need of a particular good or service and they are looking for a referral. It is so satisfying to be able to make connections business-to-business, community-to-business and even business-to-community. I feel this has made for a strong foundation for the Chamber here in Waconia for over 50 years and anticipate the connections we will make to continue moving business forward.

Chamber Facts

What is the Waconia Chamber of Commerce?

The Waconia Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization of businesses working together to make Waconia a great place to live and work. The Chamber is governed by a Board of Directors selected from the membership who provide direction and policy-making. Each year the Board of Directors takes part in a retreat to determine the priorities and program of work for the Chamber of Commerce in the upcoming year.

How is the Chamber funded?

The Chamber is funded by member investments in the form of membership dues and from various fundraising projects and events. Any business wishing to play a role in the community of Waconia is eligible for membership. The rate of investment is determined by the Board of Directors and varies on the size and type of your business. These funds provide our organization the ability to carry out the program of work, employ staff, and maintain an office to provide information, literature and advocacy for Waconia area businesses.

What are the benefits of membership?

Your business will benefit through contacts and networking opportunities; referrals given by the Chamber office; community, business and legislative information through newsletters and mailings; and visibility through involvement and participation.

How can I get involved?

Begin your involvement by completing the membership application, choosing the appropriate dues from the schedule listing and sending the completed application and dues to the Waconia Chamber of Commerce office. If you are interested in increasing your involvement, consider joining a Chamber Committee or join a Volunteer Taskforce.

Your Chamber at Work

At the Waconia Chamber of Commerce, we are hard at work for our members.

We hope that you take advantage of the variety of opportunities our chamber provides for you to grow your business. From networking to promotional opportunities and community outreach events, we think you'll benefit from anything you choose to do. Thank you for choosing to be a member of our business organization!


The Mission of the Waconia Area Chamber of Commerce is to promote a positive business environment, through Advocacy, Economic Development and Networking Opportunities, to enhance the quality of life in the community.


The Waconia Chamber of Commerce exists to advance its members by:

  • Strengthening the economic vitality of our community
  • Integrating member with the community
  • Providing awareness and opportunities

Program of Work

Promote a Positive Business Climate

The Waconia Chamber is committed to making the Waconia area a community for commerce. We encourage residents to shop locally for goods and services and we understand the important connection between employers and the local economy. The Chamber is a resource for existing and potential businesses.

Be Active in Public Policy at the Local, County and State Levels of Government

The Waconia Chamber of Commerce is committed to working for member businesses to help influence and strengthen the business voice on public policy.

Provide Quality Programs and Events for Members

The Waconia Chamber of Commerce recognizes the need to support member businesses with information, programs and services important and relevant to members. We will provide events and programs to help members showcase and promote their businesses. We will provide learning opportunities. We are committed to growing our membership and continuing to seek new and innovative programs and services to provide to our members.

Promote Waconia as a Destination

With the knowledge and understanding that Tourism is a lucrative industry, the Waconia Chamber of Commerce - CVB pledges to use lodging tax dollars to continue to promote Waconia as a visitor’s destination.